Welcome to CORE VR

Effective Date: 08/02/2024

By using our services, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.


Acceptance of Terms Through Use

By logging onto our platform and using our services, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

Your continued use of our services constitutes agreement to these terms.


Age Requirement

You must be 18 years of age or older to use our services. Our content may contain mature themes not suitable for minors.

The use of characters or avatars that appear to be minors, including those claimed to be of significant age in fictional settings (e.g., the "9000-year-old anime loli or the classic furry"), in a mature or explicit context is strictly prohibited.


Prohibition of Malicious Content

You may not upload, share, or otherwise distribute any content that is malicious in nature.

This includes, but is not limited to, software or content designed to crash, damage, or otherwise interfere with users' devices, networks, or other resources ("crashers", "fryers", malicious clients, etc.).


Intellectual Property Rights

All content uploaded or shared on our platform must be your original work or you must have explicit permission from the intellectual property owner.

Using stolen assets without proper authorization is strictly forbidden.


Cloud services subscription

The CoreVR Online Backup Service allows you to store and retrieve your loss projects during the applicable Subscription Period, If payment is not payed in said period of time and/or if you by your own actions get banned from CoreVR, CoreVR is not at fault for your loss of data.
if you do not/can't pay on said period of time you have 30 days to renew your subscription, if subscription is not renewed before said period of time we are not at fault for any loss data after 30 days.


Language and Communication

We encourage free and open communication. However, if the majority of community members find your language or content offensive and request you to leave, you are expected to comply.

Repeated failure to do so may result in moderation action.


Zero Tolerance for Illegal Activities

Engaging in, promoting, or advocating for illegal activities, especially those related to pedophilia, zoophilia and/or any traficking is strictly prohibited.

Any user found engaging in such activities will face immediate and permanent banning from the platform.


Modding Policy

You are permitted to create and distribute modifications ("mods") for our services, provided they do not include custom injectors. Only Melonloader and the built-in Core Mod Injector (CMI) are allowed for integration. For mods available for free, the source code must be made publicly available. For mods sold commercially, you must submit the exact source code for each version of the mod to our security team for manual review. This ensures both the integrity and security of our platform and compliance with our intellectual property policies.


Data Processing and Transmission

By connecting to our servers, you agree that your game data, as well as hashed data for security purposes, including PC username, HWID, IP address, and other identification information, will be transmitted to and processed on our servers. This is essential for providing and maintaining the quality of our services and curbing ban evasion.


Ban Evasion Policy

Any attempt to evade a ban, including the use of altered or false identification information, will result in an extension of the original ban or may lead to a permanent ban.


Staff Interaction

Attempts to block or impede staff in their duties, including through technical means, will be rendered ineffective by our server systems. Such behavior may be subject to moderation action.


Server Connection and Content Tagging

By connecting to our servers under the domain \[Your Domain Name\], you agree to accurately tag all content, including but not limited to "NSFW", "flashing lights", etc. Failure to comply may result in moderation action.


Liability for Uploaded Content

You assume all legal responsibility for the content you upload. Upon deletion request, content files will remain on our servers for 30 days.


Right to Remove Content

We and you have the right to remove any content that violates our terms of service or for any reason, including copyright takedown requests.


Policy on Underage Users

Being underage is a cause for permanent ban, which will not be reversed even upon reaching the age of majority.

Once an official birthday is submitted, it will be considered valid; however, until then, we will assume an age based on available information and enforce policies accordingly. This policy is strictly enforced to ensure the safety and integrity of our platform.


Staff Application Restrictions

Individuals with previous violations cannot apply for staff positions for 3 months after the violation. Attempts to apply within this period will result in automatic decline of the application.


Right to Ban

We reserve the right to ban or restrict access to our services to any user, at any time, without prior notice, for any reason, including but not limited to violation of these terms.


Changes to Terms

This document is a guideline and may be updated at any time. Continued use of our services after changes to these terms implies acceptance of the revised terms.


No False Reports

Making false reports against other users or content is strictly prohibited. Users found to be submitting false reports repeatedly may face moderation actions, including the possibility of being banned from the platform.


No Impersonation

Impersonation of staff or representation of any game's staff is strictly prohibited. Users found impersonating staff will face immediate and strict penalties.


No Exploiting Bugs

Exploiting bugs or glitches in the platform to gain unfair advantages is forbidden. Such actions undermine the integrity of the platform and will result in moderation action.


Game World Integrity

In environments tagged as a game world, enabling features disabled for the world, such as flight or global prop spawning, is prohibited. Users must respect the settings and rules of each game world.

Contact Information

Please contact team@enclicainteractive.com for any inquiries or concerns regarding these terms.